Staff Picks-Yehudit Singer

Staff Picks-Yehudit Singer

  • Jun 25, 2019
YS Staff picks3 YS Staff picks Yehudit Jessica Singer is the Book Marketing & PR Manager at Koren. She is the intermediary between the editorial and sales teams, and liaises between authors and the media to get the word out about each publication. Originally from Long Island, New York, Yehudit graduated from Queens College and Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She has lived in Israel since 2004 and has worked in the publishing industry for more than 10 years. She is the proud mother of a beautiful little girl. shaabbt_koren_siddur_ani_tefila_for_web_1_1

The Ani Tefilla Siddur: Shabbat Edition

It can be challenging to make the segue into the mindset of Shabbat after all the hustle and bustle of the week. I find that this Siddur, part of the Magerman Educational Siddur Series, provides the tools to help you bring in Shabbat in a meaningful, personal way. The explanations, questions, quotes and stories, written by Rabbi Dr. Jay Goldmintz, are extraordinary and help put the liturgy into perspective. Although this siddur is designed for high school and college students, it can and should be used by adults of all ages. derashotAll

Derashot LeDorot

by Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm This parasha series is like a time capsule of American Jewish life in the 50s, 60s. The essays are based on Shabbat derashot given by Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm, former president of YU, when he was a shul rabbi. As a history buff, I love reading about the issues that this rav addressed to his community such as The Cuban Missile Crisis, apartheid, restricted access for Jews into affluent gentile country clubs and the Civil Rights movement.. His messages to parents raising their 1st generation American born children, professionals who were grappling with balancing modern life with religious life, and to Americans facing anti-Semitism in the media — are still so very relevant today. Yet, his message, parasha after parasha, offers perspective and hope, making the title and subtitle, "Commentary for the Ages's° appropriate.

TehillimThe Koren Tehillim

It's a common ritual to read Tehillim especially in difficult times, but sometimes the concepts in the text seem foreign. I like using The Koren Tehillim because the brief introductions written by Ray Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb help me focus on the central message of the Perek of choice. These 2-3 line meditations set the tone for that chapter and help tune the reader into the deeply personal nature of the verses. That way, we come to understand why certain chapters of Tehillim are read at particular times. I find Ray Weinreb's insights here to be profound and relatable. Additionally, the parallel translation allows me to easily go back and forth between English and Hebrew. 9781592643424_1_1

Leadership in the Wilderness

by Dr. Erica Brown I have a Master's Degree in Non-Profit Management and Jewish Education, so professional development, effective management and organizational life fascinate me. I love how Dr. Erica Brown examines the narrative of Sefer Bemidbar with the eyes of an organizational leader. She brings in a huge range of sources from leading management theorists, philosophers, and legendary novels alike to look at the intergroup dynamics between Moses, Aaron, Miriam and the Jewish people as they journey through the desert. What a way to speak in the language of today's generation. I'm hereby a proud member of the Erica Brown fan club. brofsky, hilkhot moadim 3d high res

Hilkhot Mo'adim

by Rabbi David Brofsky This is my go-to guide to prepare for any Jewish holiday, from Rosh Hashana to Yom HaAtzma'ut. Rabbi Brofsky, has a knack for clearly explaining the central ideas of the tragim as they appear in the sources and walks readers through the development of the halakha to its application in real life. I appreciate the breadth of sources and feel, time after time, that he gives a well-rounded presentation of the halakhot. This is one of the few halakha books in English that includes Yom HaAtzma'ut and Yom Yerushalayim. As someone who sees modern-day Israel as part of my religious life, I am grateful for this. 9781592643721

The Pater

by Elliot Jager This is a unique work amongst our collection. The Pater is the beautifully written story of an observant, married man who is unable to have children despite years of trying. It is part memoir, part sociological exploration. This is an important book for everyone in the Jewish community. It reminds us that there is no singular experience anywhere; not everyone has children and some may never have children. Nonetheless everyone has a place and a voice, and must be treated respectfully. This deeply personal story has the potential to help combat social stigmas and stereotypes. The Pater should be required reading for all.