Malhot Adam: Iyunim B'Sefer Shmuel

Malhot Adam: Iyunim B'Sefer Shmuel

Author: Rabbi David Silber

ISBN: 9789655262988

Available in HEBREW Only

In the book of Samuel, the Jewish institution of monarchy is established. The prophet Samuel anoints Saul as king, and after him, David. The topic of the monarchy, in its various aspects, is the central issue that the book of Samuel grapples with again and again. The book you now hold, written by Rabbi Dovid Silber, discusses that same topic. Its discussions follow the story of the book of Samuel, analyzing many of its chapters.

Along with stories of a God-fearing king who acts nobly, and in friendly solidarity with his subjects, many other stories in the book of Samuel express the many dangers that lie in the path of those who hold positions of power- forgetting God, and using power and authority in illegitimate ways. Nevertheless, we will discover that the book of Samuel leaves readers with a sense of hope that a fair, just monarchy is a real possibility.

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Language Hebrew
Author Rabbi David Silber
Binding Hardcover
Size 7.5 x 9.5