Faith & History

Faith & History

Essays on Prayer, Exile and Return

Author: Rabbi Eliezer Berkovits

ISBN: 9781592646418

Rabbi Dr. Eliezer Berkovits has long been acknowledged as one of the most erudite Jewish philosophers of the twentieth century. For decades, Rabbi Berkovits' scholarly work on the philosophy of Jewish law, faith in modern times, and Holocaust theodicy has attracted constructive conversations and debate.
Faith and History aims to reintroduce a different side of Rabbi Berkovits' intellectual profile. In a carefully curated selection of some of his more popular writings, this collection reveals the “philosophic anthropology” of a concerned Jewish leader living through transformative moments in Jewish history. In these essays, Rabbi Berkovits does not operate as a scholar engaged in abstract ideas, but rather as an educator endeavoring to teach his students and readers how to apply Jewish teachings to their lives.

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Language English
Author Rabbi Eliezer Berkovits
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 228