Mastering Hebrew Calligraphy

Mastering Hebrew Calligraphy

Comprehensive and beautiful guide to the art of Hebrew letter-making

Author: Izzy Pludwinski

ISBN: 9781592643417

Mastering Hebrew Calligraphy is a comprehensive and beautiful guide to the art of Hebrew letter-making. Developed and designed by the leading Jerusalem calligrapher, Izzy Pludwinski, it teaches the how-to's of writing Hebrew scripts and principles of design and layout to enable you to create your own, beautiful Hebrew texts.

Mastering Hebrew Calligraphy is the essential guidebook that addresses every nuance of the art of Hebrew calligraphic writing, from needed tools, pens to computers, to correct posture and effective letter spacing. It is also a celebration of the Hebrew letter, with dozens of images of calligraphic works of art that will inspire you to develop your artistic imagination through the Aleph Bet. A magnificent and informative book to own whether you plan on becoming a professional calligrapher or simply find joy in Hebrew letters. With 200 illustrations.

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Language Hebrew/English
Author Izzy Pludwinski
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 220