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MiBereshit Siddur

An Illustrated Hebrew Prayer Book for Preschoolers

ISBN: 9789653013148

This colorful, illustrated siddur makes tefillot fun and accessible for children aged 3-6. Created with the Israeli educational organization MiBereshit, the siddur includes 28 short tefillot, from Modeh Ani through Shema, Adon Alom, Kiddush, Birkat Hamazon and more. Your children will love joining well-known, Israeli cartoon characters Effy and Noa on their happy adventures through the siddur. The siddur is in Hebrew and is suitable for all Edot.

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Language Hebrew
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 65
Size Personal (5.1" x 7.6")
Size (cm) 13cm x 19,5cm