Yehezkel – The Prophet Who Was a Man

Yehezkel – The Prophet Who Was a Man

Author: Rabbi Amnon Bazak

ISBN: 9789655263138

Available in HEBREW Only

The book of Yehezkel tends to inspire mixed feelings among Bible lovers. On the one hand, it contains well-known prophesies, such as the vision of the dry bones, and is the source of several fundamental concepts in Judaism, such as the “Acts of the Chariot,” and the battle of Gog and Magog. On the other hand, most of the book is not well-known, and the reader is wont to feel estranged and distant because of its unfamiliar content and style.
Yehezkel – The Prophet Who Was a Man is meant to make the book of Yeĥezkel, its content and ideas, more accessible to contemporary readers, whether or not they have had previous exposure to it. The book combines in-depth literary analysis with an explanation of words and verses. The book carefully and sensitively follows the explicit and hidden message of Yechezkel, using both traditional and modern tools of exegesis, thus shedding new light on this difficult text.
The book’s name holds a dual meaning. “Son of Man” is the unique title by which Yechezkel is referred, as well as a name reflecting the humanity of Yeĥezkel’s reaction to his prophecies of destruction, and to his role as a prophet.

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Author Rabbi Amnon Bazak
Binding Hardcover