What Do You Really Want?

What Do You Really Want?

Author: Shayna Goldberg

ISBN: 9781592645718

Managing decisions can be a significant source of stress, worry, and regret. In What Do You Really Want? Shayna Goldberg argues that deep self-awareness and an attitude of trust are the best tools for making strong decisions that we can feel confident about. If we learn how to recognize our fears, explore them, evaluate their potential consequences, and contemplate what we want moving forward, we will have an easier time owning and taking responsibility for our decisions.

Whether you are standing on the brink of a major decision, reflecting on those you have already made, or holding someone else’s hand as they face a daunting choice – this book will help illuminate the path toward better understanding, deeper self-awareness, and stronger decisions

Using true-to-life, relatable, and relevant scenarios drawn from real life questions posed to her by students, friends, and family, Goldberg uses Jewish sources and teachings in order to develop the philosophical underpinnings of these concepts. Furthermore, What Do You Really Want? lays out an invigorating vision for trust-based education that will captivate parents, teachers, community leaders, and everyone else besides.

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Language English
Author Shayna Goldberg
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 180