Tikvah LeDorshayekh

Tikvah LeDorshayekh

Author: Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein

ISBN: 9789655263268

The process of repentance offers both challenges and opportunities to each and every one of us. While self-reflection, confession, and commitment to change are among a person’s most difficult tasks in life, the process of renewal and reconnecting to God is a gift. These processes can help us to profoundly improve and repair ourselves, our communities, and the societies in which we live.

In his annual lectures on repentance, Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein zt”l, shed light on the complex path of repentance. This book collects thirteen of those lectures, in which Rabbi Lichtenstein offers his students guidance in navigating the psychological, emotional, and spiritual elements entangled in sin and repentance. To this end, Rabbi Lichtenstein used a broad range of sources – Jewish, literary, philosophical, as well as his deep sensitivity to human complexity. Examining the habits and impulses that prevent change and those that enable it, “Hope For Those Who Seek You” presents a map of the human soul, for the traveler interested in setting out on the journey of repentance and service of God.


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Language Hebrew
Author Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 280