Theodor Herzl - Zionist Writings

Theodor Herzl - Zionist Writings

ISBN: 9781613292075

The collected Zionist writings and addresses of Israel's iconic founder, whose relentless drive enabled the establishment of the State of Israel.

This three-volume collection of the writings of Theodor Herzl covers this visionary's entire corpus of Zionist thought from 1894 until his untimely passing in 1904.

Edited by the world-renowned Gil Troy with translations by Professor Harry Zohn and Uri Bollag, this stunning collection is essential reading for any serious student of history and the Zionist movement. 

This set includes:
The Zionist Idea - 1894-1896
The Zionist Movement - 1897-1900
The Zionist Statesman - 1901-1904

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