The Living Tree

The Living Tree

Studies in Modern Orthodoxy

Author: Rabbi Shlomo Riskin

ISBN: 9781592644087

The Living Tree comprises a collection of thought-provoking articles that fearlessly confront the most pressing issues facing Orthodox Judaism today. Rabbi Riskin does not flinch from such controversial questions as the possibility of trading land for peace, dialogue with Christians, and finding new solutions for women chained to their marriages (agunot). In his inimitable style that combines halakha, midrash, and a flair for storytelling, Rabbi Riskin treats the reader to a delectable mix of free-wheeling intellect and passionate love of Jewish tradition, Torah, the Land of Israel, and the Jewish people. An inspiration and aspirational must for anyone who cares about the future of Jewish tradition.

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Language English
Author Rabbi Shlomo Riskin
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 384