The Life of Moshele Der Zinger

The Life of Moshele Der Zinger

How Singing Saved my Life

Author: Cantor Moshe Kraus

ISBN: 9781592646302

This memoir captures the astounding life of the hazan, teacher, sage, and storyteller the world knows as Cantor Moshe Kraus. Famous for his captivating, emotionally charged voice – respected and admired wherever he went – he traveled the globe during his long career as a world-class cantor, serving as Chief Cantor for the Israeli Defense Forces, and living in such places as Belgium, South Africa, Mexico, finally settling in Ottawa in Canada. Yet many
Bergen-Belsen survivors remember him as “Moshele der Zinger” (Little Moshe, the singer), whose beautiful tenor voice and trove of Yiddish and sacred music had kept their hopes alive – and in many cases restored their faith – during the living nightmare of the Holocaust.

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Language English
Author Cantor Moshe Kraus
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 290