The Koren Classic Mahzor Set  - Sepharadim

The Koren Classic Mahzor Set - Sepharadim

ISBN: 9789653016811

Koren Mahzorim are the clearest and most accurate holiday prayer books available. Outstanding researchby liturgical expert and philologist Daniel Goldschmidt enabled Koren to correct errors and to reinstate elements that had been omitted in other Mahzorim.

The classic Koren layout emphasizes major public prayers and brings out the power and poetry of the holiday services. This entire series has been completely reset, with detailed instructions and additions similar to the Siddur series. The very popular concise size has been maintained. The set includes the Rosh HaShana, Yom Kippur & Three Festivals Mahzorim.

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Language Hebrew
Binding Hardcover
Size Personal (5.1" x 7.6")
Size (cm) 13cm x 19,5cm
Nusah Sepharadim - Edot HaMizrah