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Siddur Koren L'Yeladim

ISBN: 9789653019089

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How do we teach children to pray? How do we give over the great spiritual asset of the ability to speak directly with God? This Siddur seeks to provide a spiritual challenge of observation and depth in prayer, and pave in the child's heart a path to prayer. Readings: The pages are thick and durable, the letters are large, the lines are numbered to allow for easy tracking, and each page has a navigation bar.

At the end of the Siddur, there is an appendix with an invitation to discuss and contemplate prayer. The children, mediated by a teacher or a parent, can achieve additional depth in prayer through thought, speech and experiential emotion. In preparing this Siddur, we consulted the opinions of dozens of teachers and principals, rabbis and educators.

The Koren Children's Siddur is the first in a series of Koren Siddurim for children and teenagers. Editing: Pnina Geffen Illustration: Rinat Gilboa

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Language Hebrew
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 120
Nusah Sepharadim - Edot HaMizrah