The Rabbi Sacks Book Club

The Rabbi Sacks Book Club

Author: Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

ISBN: 9781592643333

Over the coming year we will be republishing some of the early written works of our teacher, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks.

Join the Rabbi Sacks Book Club in order to receive each title before they reach bookstores as well as exclusive access to special events, bespoke materials, and exclusive discounts.

These unique materials and events, tailored by The Rabbi Sacks Legacy, will show how Rabbi Sacks impacted modern Judaism, how his philosophy developed over the years, and what we can learn from these renowned works decades after they were first published.

The books available for members of the Rabbi Sacks Book Club are:

  • Arguments for the Sake of Heaven
  • Community of Faith
  • Crisis and Covenant
  • Faith in the Future
  • Tradition in an Untraditional Age
  • One People?
  • Will We Have Jewish Grandchildren

Rabbi Sacks Book Club Members will be charged and receive each new title on alternate months with free shipping in the continental United States, Israel, and the United Kingdom. Book Club members in other countries will be charged shipping according to the shipping policy at Members will be automatically charged every other month the price of $ 19.95 USD. Membership can be canceled by contacting Koren Jerusalem at any time. Contact information will be shared with the Rabbi Sacks Legacy in order to arrange access to exclusive events and for the distribution of special materials.

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Language English
Author Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
Binding Paperback