Mikdash BeLahavot Sold Out

Mikdash BeLahavot

סיפור הקרב האחרון

Author: Gershon Bar-Cochva

ISBN: 9789655261790

Available in Israel Only on www.korenpub.co.il

A Temple in Flames is the result of a collaboration between two authors: Dr. Gershon Bar-Cochva – a military historian specializing in the study of the Roman army, particularly the war of the Jews against the Romans in the Great Revolt – and Ahron Horovitz, director of Megalim, The Higher Institute of Jerusalem Studies, and the author of several popular books on ancient Jerusalem.

In A Temple in Flames, Bar-Cochva presents for the first time a detailed and fascinating picture of the stages of the Roman siege on Jerusalem in a breathtaking saga that culminates with the breach of the city walls and the burning of the Temple. Alongside these depictions, Horovitz offers the reader a wealth of contemporaneous archaeological finds that have been uncovered in recent years in the City of David and ancient Jerusalem. *For English edition click here

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Language Hebrew
Author Gershon Bar-Cochva
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 140