Miriam & Other Stories Sale

Miriam & Other Stories

Author: M.Y. Berdichevsky

ISBN: 9781592640669

Micha Yoshef Berdichevsky (1865-1921) was a Ukrainian-born writer of Hebrew, a journalist, and a scholar. Born into a family of Hassidic rabbis, he moved to Berlin, where he embraced secular culture. By 1900 Berdichevsky had firmly established had firmly established himself with the publication of nine volumes of articles and stories. Berdichevsky wrote some of his major stories after World War I, notably his short novel Miriam, which he completed shortly before his death. Introduction by Avner Holtzman, professor of Hebrew Literature at Tel Aviv University, and translated by A.S Super and others.

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Language English
Author M.Y. Berdichevsky
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 393