Mah At Mivakeshet

Mah At Mivakeshet

Author: Oriya Mevorach

ISBN: 9789655263022

Hebrew Only

The world around us is looking for love, but believes wholeheartedly that the institution of love is falling apart. Western society pursues "liberated" sexuality, but continues to shape it in a dirty and degrading way. Religious society speaks of sexuality as a "sacred" thing, and along the way asks women not to attract the eye, and men not to look.

In her book What Are You Asking For, Oriya Mevorach creates order for our society and provides an alternative. The book defines, analyzes and in-depth criticizes the destructive approaches regarding sexuality that surround everyone living in Israeli society today. It gives us tools to identify them even when they are hidden behind a familiar image, text or idea, which seems innocent and routine to us. While identifying existing failures, the book offers a Jewish, halakhic, healthy, and resource-based alternative.

This is a new-old approach, which has not yet been written in a cohesive way, and appears here for the first time in an accessible way that is suitable for ages 16 and up.

The book is aimed at women and girls, but is also suitable for men, boys, educators, parents, couples, and anyone who has longed for the tools to deal with what is happening around us now.

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Language Hebrew
Author Oriya Mevorach
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 464