Lunes D'automne

Lunes D'automne

Adjusting Sights

Author: Rabbi Haim Sabato

ISBN: 9789655260434

When war breaks out in Israel in 1973, childhood friends Haim and Dov are called up together to serve in a tank battalion. In the chaos of battle, the friends are separated. A month later, on his first leave, Haim returns home alone. Weary and saddened, but sustained by religious faith, he struggles to come to terms with his experiences. One question remains uppermost in Haim’s mind: What happened to Dov?

Reminiscent of the work of S.Y. Agnon, this compelling, poignant story draws us into the life of a young man who has to adjust not only the sights of his tank, but his understanding of the world.

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Language French
Author Rabbi Haim Sabato
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 191