Judaism Straight Up

Judaism Straight Up

Why Real Religion Endures

Author: Prof. Moshe Koppel

ISBN: 9781592645572

In Judaism Straight Up, Moshe Koppel explores the central differences between traditional societies – including traditional Judaism – and contemporary cosmopolitan ones. He explains everything you always wanted to know about the subtleties of Jewish morality, tradition, and belief, and how these have unfolded to beat cosmopolitanism at its own game: advancing cooperation, fairness, and freedom. Written with incisiveness and droll wit – and a scientific sensibility that draws on economics, game theory, and other disciplines – Judaism Straight Up­ reveals the secret of Jewish traditionalism’s endurance.

 “Koppel makes an excellent case for the novel proposition that Torah living fits universal and western values far better than much that is associated with modern, secular, "liberal," politically correct lifestyles.  Witty and erudite, thoroughly steeped in the sources -- both Jewish and general -- it is a very enjoyable, edifying, altogether great read.  Go for it!’ – Prof. Robert J. Aumann, Nobel Prize in Economics 2005

"Moshe Koppel's book is provocative, fascinating, and brilliant. His reasoned and passionate defense of religious life is direly needed in an increasingly fragmented society." – Ben Shapiro

“It is an accessible yet rigorous defense of a Judaism that is humane and authentic.” – Rabbi David Wolpe

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Language English
Author Prof. Moshe Koppel
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 218
Size 5.5 x 8.5