I Samuel

I Samuel

A King in Israel

Author: Rabbi Amnon Bazak

ISBN: 9781592646524

In those days, there was no king in Israel, but every man did that which was right in his own eyes. Thus ends the book of Judges, as it anticipates a future monarchy. The book of Samuel traces the gradual development of that monarchy, with all of its benefits and challenges, and it offers models of leadership that are more centralized than those in Judges but less consolidated than the future Davidic dynasty. The narrative raises questions about the proper form of government, the relationship between Israel and the nations of the world, military ethics, the character of prophecy, and more.

‌The book of Samuel also introduces us to enthralling figures, described in great depth, such as Kings Saul and David, Eli the Priest, the prophet Samuel, Hannah, Michal, Abigail, Jonathan, and Joab. The book grants us insight into their internal and external struggles as well as their roles in the leadership of Israel. Offering systematic and sensitive readings in clear prose, Rabbi Amnon Bazak reveals the depths of the plain sense of I Samuel. He identifies the messages of each of the biblical stories, with all of their complexities and rich characters. Moreover, he offers a model for a deep reading of biblical prose that combines traditional and contemporary interpretations into a full literary elucidation.

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Language English
Author Rabbi Amnon Bazak
Binding hardcover
Number of Pages 520