Haggadah Shel HaNefesh

Haggadah Shel HaNefesh

Author: Rabbi Hagai Lundin

ISBN: 9789655262896
Seder night is the night when the gates of heaven open and God carries us
'On the wings of eagles', until everyone can touch the stars.

Every word in the Haggadah and every halakhah, custom and food has an existential meaning, Great spiritual, mental and practical.

In every moment of our lives we need to relive the Exodus from Egypt, deal with crises, meet our challenges, freeing ourselves from weaknesses, habits and conventions.
to allow light of the freedom to shine within us. Overcoming any obstacle is a small 'Exodus'

In the Haggadah of the Soul, Rabbi Hagai Lundin explains how these sacred words,
written thousands of years ago, contain messages that are appropriate for the human psyche and men and women living in modern culture.
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Language Hebrew
Author Rabbi Hagai Lundin
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 240