His Inner Chambers

Author: Rabbi Abraham Isaac Hakohen Kook

ISBN: 9781592646531

Ḥadarav is a collection of Rav Kook’s most intimate writings. Drawn from his personal notebooks written throughout his career, they allow us entry into the alchemical laboratory of a great spiritual master. We are privileged that a gadol be-Yisrael would share with us the very real inner challenges that punctuated his life.

The reader will find Rav Kook’s candor refreshing. His gnawing doubts and perplexities on the one hand, and his epiphanies and gracious illuminations on the other, should resonate with and serve as inspiration to journeyers wending their way through the labyrinth of the soul.

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Language English
Author Rabbi Abraham Isaac Hakohen Kook
Binding Hadcover
Number of Pages 240