Crisis and Covenant

Crisis and Covenant

Jewish Thought after the Holocaust

Author: Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

ISBN: 9781592646203

Rabbi Sacks Classics Library Project

In this pioneering study of Jewish thought, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
addresses a crucial dilemma for Jews and Judaism today. The Holocaust
and the birth of the State of Israel have combined to create a strong
contemporary awareness of peoplehood – of Jews as sharing a common
history, destiny and responsibility. But can there be peoplehood across
the deep religious and cultural divisions that are the heritage of the Jewish
encounter with modernity?

Crisis and Covenant, first published in 1992, is essential reading, not
only for students of Jewish thought and modern Jewish history, but for
all those concerned with the fate of religious traditions in a secular age.

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Language English
Author Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 294