Classic Rosh HaShana Mahzor - Hebrew Sale

Classic Rosh HaShana Mahzor - Hebrew

ISBN: 9789653010888

The Koren Classic Rosh HaShana Mahzor is the clearest and most accurate Mahzor available. Outstanding research over thirty years by liturgical expert and professor of Philology, Daniel Goldschmidt, has enabled Koren to correct errors and to reinstate elements that had erroneously been omitted in other mahzorim. The classic Koren layout emphasizes major public prayers and illuminates their underlying meaning. The Koren Siddur Font makes every letter of the alef bet clear and beautiful.

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Language Hebrew
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 414
Size Personal (5.1" x 7.6")
Size (cm) 13cm x 19,5cm
Nusah Ashkenaz