Adon Olam

Adon Olam

A Search for Meaning

Author: Rabbi Zalman Weiss

ISBN: 9781940516592

You’ve been searching for meaning, yet you are coming up empty-handed. Much of the religious dogmas you have encountered seem like mere clichés. Are they true? Do they have any meaning for your life? Your questions go unanswered. Even if you are not asking and searching, can you really say that you understand the depths of your faith? Don’t worry: there are answers to your asked and not-yet-asked questions. Read more.

The last prophets knew that with the end of prophecy the world would be left without the answers they would so desperately need, and so they composed a special mystical text in which all the answers for all time would be embedded. This text is Adon Olam.

What is Adon Olam? It is a song, a prayer that religious Jews have said every day for millennia. Believe it or not, it is packed with everything you want to know.

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Language English
Author Rabbi Zalman Weiss
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 384