From the Wilderness and Lebanon

From the Wilderness and Lebanon

An Israeli Soldier’s Story of War and Recovery

Author: Asael Lubotzky

ISBN: 9781592644179

Asael Lubotzky was a young IDF commander during the Second Lebanon War. Leading his troops into combat, maneuvering through the deadly urban warfare of Southern Lebanon, Lubotzky was hit by a missile, irreversibly damaging both his legs. In this harrowing memoir, Lubotzky recounts the story of the two great battles of his life. The first, against Hamas and Hezbollah, when he was forced to contend with the horrors of war, the fears of his soldiers, the loss of his comrades, and the moral dilemmas of the battlefield. And the second, far more difficult one, to recover from his injuries, learn to walk again, and return to life.

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Language English
Author Asael Lubotzky
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 206