Sig v’Siah Set

Sig v’Siah Set

Hebrew Edition

Author: Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

ISBN: 9789655262650

How do King David, Rabbi Shneur Zalman, Charles Darwin and Ludwig Wittgenstein interpret the commandments of the sacrifices? What is the connection between circumcision, monotheism and romantic love? How does the Ramban, Thomas Hobbes and a 20th-century zoologist contribute to understanding the dispute between Korach and his congregation? Is Balaam's curse the seed of modern anti-Semitism? And what is the secret character of Deuteronomy?

After years of speaking and distributing them to tens of thousands in Israel and around the world, the sermons of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks are finally presented for the first time in a Hebrew edition. Rabbi Sacks artfully connects Western thought, traditional interpretation, God's love and love of man, the eternal word of God and the challenges of the time, and Bible and Midrash and philosophy and culture and science.

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Language Hebrew
Author Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
Binding Hardcover