The Intellect and the Exodus

The Intellect and the Exodus

Author: Rabbi Jeremy Kagan

ISBN: 9781592645138

Developing emuna, or faith in God, is extraordinarily challenging in our day. Emuna may have sat comfortably with us as we dwelt among the worshiping cultures of the ancient Near East. But several thousand years of exposure to rationally based Western cultures has transformed our consciousness, personalities, and outlook to the point that God often seems like an idea pasted incongruously onto our vision of reality. How can we achieve an emuna that is integrated, consistent with our rational context, yet still retains its Near Eastern soul?

In Intellect and the Exodus, award-winning author Rabbi Jeremy Kagan traces the history of our experience of emuna, building on the perspective it provides to gain powerful insights into the nature of emuna in the modern world. He then shows how the story of the Exodus is structured to foster a perception of reality in us, out of which an awareness of God emerges naturally. That perceptual component, however, must be complemented with an inner sense of God that has a genuine basis. That basis is to be sought in the depths of the self.

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Language English
Author Rabbi Jeremy Kagan
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 316