The Koren Classic Siddur

The Koren Classic Siddur

ISBN: 9789653012325

The Koren Siddur: Nusah Sepharadim is a tremendous achievement. This prayer book is a one-of-a-kind edition that embraces the prayer customs and rituals of every Sepharadic community in the world, including Iraqi, Syrian, Tunisian, Libyan, Yemenite, Moroccan, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese prayer rites.

Modeled after the classic all-Hebrew Koren Siddur, this comprehensive edition includes prayers for weekdays, Shabbat, and Haggim; the five Megilot and whole book of Tehilim; special additions for weddings, funerals, and Bar Mitzvot; prayers for the State of Israel and its soldiers; special piyutim for shabbatot, hoshanot, and the entire Selihot service for Elul.

In addition, a detailed halakhic guide presents the laws and customs of different prayers and life cycle events as celebrated across the spectrum of Sepharadic communities. A compendium of extensive notes cites the rabbinical sources behind particular customs and their explanations.

With haskamot by Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar, Rabbi Shimon Hai Alouf, and Rabbi Baruch Gigi, and an introduction by Rabbi Haim Sabato. Edited by Rabbi Hanan Benayhu, the grandson of the former Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Israel Rishon LeZion HaRav Yitzhak Nissim (zt”l).

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Language Hebrew
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 1052
Size Personal (5.1" x 7.6")
Size (cm) 13cm x 19,5cm
Nusah Sepharadim - Edot HaMizrah