Karati B'khol Lev

Karati B'khol Lev

ISBN: 9789655263374

The way a person reads the Parasha is a reflection of their world. Rabbanit Michal Tikochinsky's derashot reflect the world of a scholarly woman who has been occupying the benches of the Beit Midrash for many years, the world of a talented halakhist, and the world of a woman, wife and mother, who has a sensitive eye for reading reality and the ability to distinguish and point out nuances in the meeting between the verses and the human soul.

In Karati B'khol Lev, Rabbanit Tikochinsky offers a refreshing point of view, from an original and innovative angle. In her writing, the author not only describes the problems but offers a solution to them with the help of her breadth of knowledge, but also tries to give the questions raised meaning and an existential, educational depth.

Rabbanit Dr. Michal Tikochinsky is a mother of seven, serves as head of the Beit Midrash for women at Herzog College, head of the Halacha program at Migdal Oz and is a lecturer at the Shalem Academic Center. Published in partnership with Sefaria.

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