The Weekly Mitzva

The Weekly Mitzva

Author: Rabbi Binyamin Tabory

ISBN: 9781592644254

Rabbi Binyamin Tabory’s many students knew him as a master educator who makes the highest level of classical yeshiva learning accessible with his pedagogic skill and warm personality. In The Weekly Mitzva, Rabbi Tabory discusses a mitzva – sometimes familiar, sometimes obscure – connected to each week’s parasha. His unique approach combines Brisker-style abstract analysis with the illustrative case law characteristic of the Aharonim. For each topic, Rabbi Tabory quickly arrives at the fundamental hakira – the logical point upon which the discussion hinges, and applies that insight to various practical questions.

For decades, Rabbi Tabory taught students across four continents. Now, The Weekly Mitzva enables readers to bring Rabbi Tabory’s special brand of Torah to their own Shabbat table discussions.

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Language English
Author Rabbi Binyamin Tabory
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 252