Elijah: The Lonely Zealot

Elijah: The Lonely Zealot

Author: Rabbi Elchanan Samet

ISBN: 9781592645336

The prophet Elijah’s powerful character looms over some of the most tumultuous chapters in the Bible. Elijah’s policy of confronting power and corruption aroused opposition and protest – indeed, it endangered his life.

Many questions arise: Why does Elijah appear at this specific time? Why does he perform so many miracles seemingly at his own initiative, without any divine command? To what extent is the prophet’s aggressive policy approved of by God? And, looking beyond the biblical text, what can we learn about our own confrontations with entrenched injustice?

"Elijah: The Lonely Zealot" is the first work by the renowned Bible scholar Rabbi Elchanan Samet to appear in English. This systematic and creative literary commentary on the Elijah narrative has influenced a generation of readers and teachers since its first appearance in Hebrew ( entitled "Pirkei Eliyahu"). Now English readers too can benefit from Rabbi Samet’s penetrating analyses and insights in this masterwork.

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Language English
Author Rabbi Elchanan Samet
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 632