A Book That Was Lost: 35 Stories

A Book That Was Lost: 35 Stories

Author: S.Y. Agnon

ISBN: 9781592642540

Awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1966, SY Agnon is the towering genius of modern Hebrew literature for his hard-edged modernism and weaving of Biblical and Talmudic references. With this collection of stories, reissued in paperback and expanded to include 11 more Agnon classics, the English-speaking audience has, at long last, access to Agnon's rich and brilliantly multifaceted fictional world of one of the great writers of last century.

These stories span the lifetime of a quintessential wandering Jew-born in Buczacz, Poland, living in Germany, and finally settling in Jerusalem—and bring to life the full range of the modern Jewish experience in fiction.

The New York Review of Books surveys The Toby Press S.Y. Agnon Library in “The Great Genius of Jewish Literature”

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Language English
Author S.Y. Agnon
Number of Pages 600