A Practical Guide to the Laws of Kashrut Sold Out

A Practical Guide to the Laws of Kashrut

Author: Rabbi Pinchas Cohen

ISBN: 9781592644346

This concise and useful work on hilkhot kashrut is specially crafted for the modern Jewish home. It covers a range of frequently-asked questions, such as:

• Can one use a dishwasher for both milk and meat dishes?
• What is glatt kosher?
• Is one required to immerse electrical appliances?
• Can one eat cottage cheese with ḥalla that was baked in a meat oven?

A Practical Guide to the Laws of Kashrut starts with the basics and then moves on to advanced topics. It offers comprehensive instructions for those setting out to make a kosher kitchen, and serves as a valuable reference for those already familiar with kashrut but uncertain about its more complex details. Novice and expert alike will benefit from the author’s clear and reliable presentation of this important area of halakha, a defining element of the Jewish home.

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Language English
Author Rabbi Pinchas Cohen
Binding Hardcover