From Foe to Friend & Other Stories

From Foe to Friend & Other Stories

A Graphic Novel Illustrated by Shay Charka

Author: S.Y. Agnon

ISBN: 9781592643950

A new English language edition and the first time Hebrew literature's only Nobel laureate has had his stories rendered in graphic form. These three tales (which retain Agnon's original prose) rendered in 'comics' form, are among the most beloved by Israeli children - now available to the English reading world in a most engaging format.

The title story, an allegory about the attempt to settle the Land of Israel in old Jerusalem and to tame its wild winds, is followed by a mystical fantasy about a delightful goat and a magical cave connecting the old world of Polish Jewry to the new world of Jewish life in the Holy Land. The volume closes with a fable of The Architect and the Emperor raising questions about the relationship between an artist and his work.

Drawn in a brilliant style, Charka's illustrations are themselves a form of midrash on Agnon's prose. The keen reader will find visual echoes of Marc Chagall and Edvard Munch, alongside Bob Dylan and Rav Kook.

The New York Review of Books surveys The Toby Press S.Y. Agnon Library in “The Great Genius of Jewish Literature”.

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Language English
Author S.Y. Agnon
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 48