A Guest for the Night

A Guest for the Night

Author: S.Y. Agnon

ISBN: 9781592643578

Agnon's greatest achievement is his novel A Guest for the Night, which tells of a visit to the war-ruined city of his childhood, and of the narrator's vain attempts to assemble the congregation for a service in the synagogue. Within the framework of a local chronicle we see a wonderful portrayal of destinies and figures, of experience and meditation- in all, consummate expression of Jewish character." - From the Nobel prize committee award citation.Translated by Misha Louvish with a new forward by Jeffrey Saks.

The New York Review of Books surveys The Toby Press S.Y. Agnon Library in “The Great Genius of Jewish Literature”

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Language English
Author S.Y. Agnon
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 532