The Koren Israel Humash - Devarim Sale

The Koren Israel Humash - Devarim

ISBN: 9789653016996

An innovative addition to Koren's Educational Resources, the Humash with Rashi and Onkelos is rich with valuable resources that makes Humash study clear and accessible to students of all ages. The carefully-crafted layout honors the centrality of the Torah by placing the Biblical text its own, facing the commentaries. This layout allows students to focus on the text on its own terms before encountering the commentaries. 

The Koren Israel Humash presents the traditional Humash text in classic Koren font, alongside a newly-digitalized Rashi font that is clear and legible for Hebrew readers of all backgrounds. This new edition includes a variety of visual aids and educational tools that help students understand and appreciate the Humash including: timelines before every parasha (in Hebrew),  diagrams illustrating the central themes and geographic context of every parasha, summaries of every Haftarah, halakha guide, photos, maps and more. 

Unique features:
* Each text (Humash, Rashi and Onkelos) distinguished in its own clear, digitalized font
* Entire text (including commentaries) is menukad (vowelized) and punctuated
* Informative timelines before every parasha give chronological, geographic and thematic context
* Each of Rashi's comments are separated by verse to enhance comprehension and clarity
* Summaries before every Haftarah give context and connect to the parasha
* Mitzvot listed next to its relevant Biblical verse (according to Sefer HaHinukh)
* Terms of Onkelos' commentary highlighted to distinguish from his Aramaic translation

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Language Hebrew
Binding Hardcover
Size Large (6.7 x 9.1 in)