Koren Magerman Youth Haggada

Koren Magerman Youth Haggada

ISBN: 9789657760451

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The Koren Magerman Youth Haggada fills a unique space in this vibrant and populous market, being designed and written to speak directly to the child in appropriate and engaging language. Part of the Koren Magerman Educational Series, it's design is based on the widely used Koren Magerman Youth Siddur. It too is beautifully illustrated with educational illustrations that form their own commentary, as well as stories, quotes, questions, and reflections to engage the child and encourage connection to the haggada text.

Educational features of the Koren Magerman Youth Haggada:

  • The full haggada text in easy-to-read educationally typeset design.
  • An age-appropriate adapted translation of the Hebrew text.
  • Clear instructions for the ritual contained in the Seder night, written in age-appropriate language.
  • Educational illustrations using powerful imagery to explore the themes from the haggada text.
  • An icon navigation bar to orientate the user within the structure of the Seder service.
  • An "experience" to have on every page to keep the child active and engaged and deepen the experiential theme of the Seder night.
  • Reflection text: Quotes and stories that explore a theme from the haggada text.
  • A question on every page, replicating the educational style of asking questions found in the haggada.

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Language Hebrew-English
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 176
Size (cm) 20.6*20.6