Questioning Belief

Questioning Belief

Torah and Tradition in an Age of Doubt

Author: Rabbi Dr. Raphael Zarum

ISBN: 9781592646197

We all have questions about our faith. Often, however, we are given overly simple answers that remain unsatisfying. In this original and thought-provoking work, Rabbi Dr. Raphael Zarum responds to twelve challenging questions that confront the Torah today. These are questions about the veracity of its narratives, the morality of its laws, and the beliefs it engenders. To address these questions, the author brings historical, scientific, and philosophical research to bear on classical Jewish sources – with surprising and stimulating results.

Rabbi Zarum is an acclaimed lecturer who has travelled the globe to teach in many Jewish communities and diverse institutions. He has a rare ability to face up to uncomfortable questions, reject stock responses, and explore the issues in a way that is both traditionally grounded and intellectually rigorous. 

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Language English
Author Rabbi Dr. Raphael Zarum
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 360