Pathways to Their Hearts Sale

Pathways to Their Hearts

Torah Perspectives on the Individual

Author: Rabbi Nachum Rabinovitch

ISBN: 9781592645497
Pathways to Their Hearts is a synthesis of the philosophical positions Rabbi Rabinovitch had developed over the course of many decades on matters related to the life of the individual. There are chapters on free will and the human condition, the way the Torah’s commands interact with moral change, the tension between law and the purposes of law, the difference between religious and secular ethics, the importance of intellectual independence, and the nature of halakhic decision-making. There is a fascinating comparison between scientific method and the search for the reasons for the commandments, and a powerful chapter on the relationship between Torah and science. The view that Torah and science are opposed, argues Rabbi Rabinovitch, was imported into Judaism from non-Jewish sources.
This outstanding work - vast in scope, monumental in scholarship - represents the distilled wisdom of one of the great Jewish minds of our generation.
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Language English
Author Rabbi Nachum Rabinovitch
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 284