One Day in October

One Day in October

Author: Yair Agmon/Oriya Mevorach

ISBN: 9781592646883

The translation of the best-selling יום אחד באוקטובר - Available now for pre-order

Shaylee placed her little finger in her newborn baby’s mouth to keep her quiet. Shlomo sat on the couch and pretended to be asleep. Nasreen removed the laces from her children’s shoes. Miki asked the terrorist to keep his promise. Amit comforted the last patient in the clinic. Aner threw seven live grenades out of the public shelter. Emanuel made sure that a fallen soldier’s love letter would reach its destination.

And it all happened on a single day. On one day in October. October 7th, 2023, was one of the most tragic days in Jewish history. With Hamas’ brutal attack, the State of Israel was ravaged before our very eyes, its land filled with the fallen, with hostages, with refugees. It was our lowest, weakest, most vulnerable moment. But in that very moment, countless heroes arose.

Heroes. Like the heroes of the olden days, of the Bible, of 1948, the heroes of stories and legends. From the depths of a living hell, through unimaginable sadness and loss, they have risen, giving us hope and inspiration, and the chance to tell a different story. These heroes offer us a ray of light, helping us to see the good as we read of their incredible kindness and bravery. We tell their stories for our own broken generation, for the embrace we all so desperately need, and for the sake of generations to come.

One Day in October is a unique, ambitious book of monologues that introduces its readers to forty real-life heroes. All 40 stories take place within the same twenty-four-hour period, in the same strip of beautiful, broken, blood-soaked land. This is a book that can’t be put down; its heroes are unforgettable; their stories inconceivable. Amidst all the pain and sorrow, these true and touching stories offer readers a welcome dose of consolation and hope.

One Day in October will be available in Fall 2024.

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Language English
Author Yair Agmon/Oriya Mevorach
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 400