Nafshi Beshealti Sale

Nafshi Beshealti

Author: Rabbi Yonatan Rosensweig , Dr. Shmuel Harris

ISBN: 9789655263251
Can someone who is dealing with depression listen to music on Shabbat? From what strictures in the purity laws is it possible and desirable to exempt those who are dealing with obsessive-compulsive disorder? Is a person whose parents abused him obliged to respect his father and mother? Today, awareness of mental health is increasing, and many who face challenges in this area turn to rabbis with halachic questions. Besides knowing the laws, the arbitrators must be familiar with the world of psychological and psychiatric research and the therapeutic reality and the changes that occur in the profession from time to time. The ability to give a correct and appropriate answer needs great encouragement and reinforcement. The main goal of this book is not only to give current and accurate information, but also to place the discourse on mental health at the forefront of the stage. The public who face mental health challenges, and the family members of those who face them, are the most important audience of the book. Another important goal of this book is the contribution to the ongoing struggle to disprove stigma and judgement.
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Language Hebrew
Author Rabbi Yonatan Rosensweig , Dr. Shmuel Harris
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 536