Gemara Card (Hebrew)

Gemara Card (Hebrew)

Author: David L. Sachs , Rabbi Yitzhak Frank , Uriel Frank

ISBN: 9789655262131

The Gemara Card is a new innovation for Gemara learners at all levels. Created in partnership with Rabbi Yitzhak Frank, the author of The Practical Talmud Dictionary and Grammar for Gemara, The Gemara Card was conceived and designed by David Sachs - a beginner yeshiva student struggling to break the barriers to entry to learning Gemara independently.

The Gemara Card helps to make Gemara accessible to students who value learning Gemara in its original text, without translation. While providing many highlights from Rabbi Frank's groundbreaking books, this lightweight card serves as a quick reference to remind students of the basic building blocks of Gemara.


  • Serves as a study aid for students when they need a quick reminder about basic Talmudic content Color-coded & strategically-designed to enable students to locate all content in 10 seconds or less
  • All entries written and rigorously reviewed by Rabbi Frank to accurately portray the essence of the content Entries include nikkudot so that students can learn to pronounce the vocabulary
  • Includes Gematria, Rashi Script, and Grammar tables Features: 720 glossary terms | 412 abbreviations | 52 conjugated verbs | 107 Sages | 27 Measures Six-sided laminated card measuring 8-7/8" x 11-7/8" size (fits into typical Gemaras or folders)

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Language Hebrew
Author David L. Sachs , Rabbi Yitzhak Frank , Uriel Frank