Nishmat Ha-Bayit (Hebrew Edition)

Nishmat Ha-Bayit (Hebrew Edition)

Contemporary Questions on Women’s Reproductive Health

Author: Yoatzot Halacha Nishmat

ISBN: 9789655262346

Hebrew Edition

During the past 20 years, Women Halachic Consultants have provided responses/answers to tens of thousands of women in the fields of family purity and women's health. The questions in this book reflect the questions that the consultants received from Nishmat's open hotline and Each chapter includes a short answer and then a deep halachic explanation from the Rishonim and Achronim. The second part of the book contains medical appendices explaining the medical background to the responses.

The responses were written by a team of respondents and edited by Rabbi Yehuda and Rabbanit Chana Henkin.

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Language Hebrew
Author Yoatzot Halacha Nishmat
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 375