B’Lev Patuach Sold Out

B’Lev Patuach

(Hebrew edition)

Author: Yehoshua Seckbach

ISBN: 9789655262490

Available in Israel Only on www.korenpub.co.il

B’Lev Patuach (‘With an Open Heart’) was born following a series of meetings between the author and Rav Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz. The intellectual world of the rabbi is still nourished by a unique combination of many Jewish sources and the worlds of literature and the spirit, the natural sciences and mathematics. This rare combination creates unique and original insights into issues related to daily life and the basic beliefs that accompany our lives. Among the themes in the book are discussions about the ways in which a person chooses his path in life, fear of Heaven in a generation without fear, freedom and freedom, the request for peace, and ways to live happily. Religious engagement, leadership, marital relations and challenges, the goal of education, and the ability to be a "kingdom of priests" were also addressed. The last part deals with the world of Jewish art and its functions, the attitude towards general literature, the attitude toward the modern and postmodern world, and more. This book is for people who have in their hearts a longing for the worlds of goodness, truth and beauty, and for those who wish to live a life of spirit and meaning.

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Language Hebrew
Author Yehoshua Seckbach
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 195