Studies in Spirituality

Studies in Spirituality

Author: Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

ISBN: 9781592645763
Rabbi Jonathan Sacks on spirituality in the parasha, the latest book in the Covenant & Conversation series.


“I hope the very personal nature of these essays helps you find your own way to the Divine Presence, which is always there: the music beneath the noise, the call beneath the clamour, the voice of God within the human soul.”
– Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, of blessed memory, was an internationally respected religious leader, prolific writer, and the Emeritus Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth. In this work Rabbi Sacks reminds us that while there is an authoritative code of Jewish law, when it comes to the spiritual dimension, we each have our own path to God. There is the way of the priest and the way of the prophet, the way of the Levite and the way of the pilgrim farmer bringing his first fruits to the Temple. Throughout history and today, Judaism has had its poets, its philosophers, its rationalists, and its mystics.

Studies in Spirituality is the latest volume to be published of Rabbi Sacks’ Covenant & Conversation essays on the weekly Torah portion, the first after his passing in November 2020. In these pages, we find Rabbi Sacks reading the biblical narrative with profound sensitivity to the depths of the human condition. He inspires us to see models of courage, innovation, faith, fear, the challenges and beauty of family dynamics, healing, the art of listening, hope, personal transformation, and more. His poignant reflections on spirituality return to us the sense of closeness with God that resonated so powerfully with our ancestors – that intimacy which gave them a sense of hope and courage and singularity. Studies in Spirituality aspires to bring the covenant between God and humanity closer to each of us, today and always.
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Language English
Author Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
Binding hardcover
Number of Pages 318