Or Haganuz on tractate Kiddushin, Volume I Sale

Or Haganuz on tractate Kiddushin, Volume I

ISBN: 9781881255826


A. Hiddushin L’Kiddushin, novellae on tractate Kiddushin by a disciple of R. Solomon Adret (RaSHBA). Published from a unique manuscript, MS Moscow Guenzburg 263/2. With a scholarly introduction, comprehensive explanatory notes by Rabbi Avraham Shoshana, and updated indices. R. Nissim b. Reuben Gerondi based his commentary to Alfasi’s tractate Kiddushin on this manuscript, incorporating a large portion of it verbatim. R. Bezalel Ashkenazi, as well as later Sepharadic authorities, also made use of it. This new edition is not an imprint of the book that was printed twenty years ago, but rather a newly typeset edition, reedited with many corrections and new comments, and updated detailed indices. B. Commentary of R. Baruch b. Samuel (‘the Sepharadi,’ or ‘R. Baruch of Greece’), a partial commentary to tractate Kiddushin by one of the great Talmud commentators of the early twelfth century. Edited from a lengthy Cambridge Genizah fragment T-S F. 5/60. With source notes, comments and comprehensive explanations, a scholarly introduction, and updated indices. Jerusalem 5779.

Language Hebrew
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 545