Novellae of RaMaH

Novellae of RaMaH

ISBN: 9781881255819


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(R. Meir ha-Levi Abulafia) and a florilegia of Rishonim (from the academies of RaSHBA and RaMBaN) on tractate Gittin, newly updated edition, two volumes in one, 840 pages. An encyclopedic compilation of Rishonim, incorporating the commentary of RaMaH on tractate Gittin. The RaMaH material is identified in the main manuscripts and supplemented by other collected RaMaH material printed and in manuscripts, named Likutei Hiddushe HaRaMaH. The rest of the material contained in the National Library of Israel manuscript was identified in the scholarly introduction as emanating from the disciples of R. Shlomo b. Adret (RaSHBA) and R. Moshe b. Nachman (RaMBaN). The entire work is accompanied by two sets of explanatory notes, one dedicated to the RaMaH material, named B’yad RaMaH, and the second set is dedicated to the other Risonim, named Hearot. The main aim of the accompanying notes and comments is to update the Rishonim commentaries and theirhalakhicdecisions to later authorities. The first edition included a lengthy introduction on the life and works of R. Meir ha-Levi Abulafia, and was omitted from the latest editions. This introduction will be published independently in the near future. We have included two addenda in this publication: 1)Hilchot ha-Get Le-haRaMaH, published for the first time from Vatican MS 154, with references and commentary; and 2) Previously unpublished part of RaMaH’s original commentary on Gittin found in the Cambridge Genizah. The publication of this Genizah fragment confirms the methods we utilized for identifying RaMaH material included in the National Library manuscript.

Language Hebrew
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 840
Size Large