Maaseh Hoshev, vol. 1: Thought of God Sale

Maaseh Hoshev, vol. 1: Thought of God

ISBN: 9789655262056

Maaseh Hoshev is a first-of-its-kind Torah program for creativity in the fields of faith and philosophy. A work that was born out of a demand for truth and thorough systematic investigation, combined with freedom of thought. This book is like a Torah study workshop for the greatest scholars of our generation, enabling an enlightened Torah discourse that deepens the foundations of beliefs and opinions, while simultaneously acknowledging today’s needs. The theme chosen for the first volume is the "thought of God," as the famous article by Rabbi Kook zt"l. In this article, the Rav paved the way for an understanding of the nature of faith, by observing the depths of the Torah and listening to the hearts of the generation.

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Language Hebrew
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 270