Crisis & Kings

Crises & Kings explores the Book of Samuel, which recounts a tumultuous period in Biblical history. The Israelites have settled in their new land but tribal rivalries weaken them against the ascendant Philistines. Saul, the first king, brings hope but his reign is marred by missteps, leading to his downfall.

David, arguably the most famous character in Jewish tradition, succeeds Saul and strategically lays the foundations for an empire. His exploits, including some spectacular moral failures, are unrivalled.

The dramatic narrative of Sefer Shmuel introduces us to themes still relevant today: divine destiny vs human initiative, faith vs misplaced religious devotion, and good leadership vs corrosive and self-serving rule.

This series is a production of The Koren Podcast Network in partnership with Pardes North America and is lovingly sponsored by the Neustein family in memory of Rabbi Dr. Joseph Neustein, on the occasion of his 4th yahrzeit.

Introduction – The Backdrop of the Book of Judges

Episode 1 - Chana's Triumph

Episode 2 - The Crimes of the Priests

Episode 3 - Shmuel's Coming of Age

Episode 4 - The Israelite Defeated

Episode 5 - The Philistines Chastened

Episode 6 - The Ideal Judge

Episode 7 - The Clamor for a King

Episode 8 - The King's Law

Episode 9 - In Search of Donkeys

Episode 10 - A Tentative Coronation

Episode 11 - In Those Days there was a King in Israel

Episode 12 - Retrospect for Shmuel

Episode 13 - Shaul's Tragic Lapse

Episode 14 - Shaul's Tragic Lapse

Episode 15 - Yonatan's Steadfastness

Episode 16 - Shaul's Undoing

Episode 17 - The Unlikely Election of David